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9th of April

The Upside of Anger

The Upside of Anger spans three years of a woman’s life following her husband’s sudden disappearance. Terry Wolfmeyer, an affluent suburban Detroit wife and mother, goes from a paragon of sweetness to a volcano of rage in the wake of her husband’s desertion; she thinks he has jetted off to Sweden with his Swedish secretary. Barely holding it together for her four daughters, Terry fitfully adjusts while befriending Denny Davies, a retired baseball player and radio personality up the street who shares her love of the all-day cocktail hour. As the three years pass, Terry and her daughters are confronted with varying individual situations, choices, and compromises, with moments that ring true in ways both moving and strikingly funny.


Director: Mike Binder

Cast: Kevin Costner, Joan Allen and Evan Rachel Wood


Joan Allen received Best Actress awards for her performance and Kevin Costner Best Supporting Actor awards for his.

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