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9th of April

Wild Side

Sylvie is a 32 year-old transsexual. Her days are filled with Fatigue and sadness as she turns tricks and grapples with an omnipresent urge to commit suicide. Occasionally, though, she manages to escape into moments of happiness, on the dance floor orout with friends, trannies like herself. One night on the job, she meets Mikhail, an illegal Russian immigrant who has come to France after deserting the army. He lives from hand to mouth, working at odd jobs the landlord of his boarding house finds for him. Mikhail is more than a little interested in Sylvie, but she already lives with Jamel, a thirty year-old North African who is on bad terms with his family. Jamel occasionally works as a prostitute himself, on the sly. Unexpectedly, Sylvie chooses not to choose between the two. But how can three people live, and love, together?


Director: Sebastien Lifshitz

Cast: Stephanie Michelini, Edouard Nikitine and Yasmine Belmadi


The film won the Audience Prize and Cuddly Bear Award at the Berlin Film Festival.

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